Fr. Timmins is officially retired but that doesn't mean he is easy to get in touch with! Nevertheless, he always tries to respond to his email within a day or two. If you don't hear anything for a longer time, don't worry, he is probably just away for a couple weeks.

If you would like to write a letter to Father Timmins, his mailing address is:

Fr. Peter Timmins 
Harbour Place, #1208
185 Ontario Street
Kingston, Ontario K7L 2Y7

If you have problems downloading or using the Adobe Acrobat versions of the books, please double-check the instructions on the downloads page. If you continue to have difficulty, please send an e-mail to . (Note: This email address is maintained by the webmaster and will not be seen by Fr. Timmins.)

To reach Fr. Timmins personally, either use the email form below, or send an email to . He'd love to hear what you think about the site and his books!







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