YOU are God's Obsession
3rd Sunday in Ordinary Time, Cycle B

Mark chapter 1, verses 14-20

Why did Simon and Andrew and later, James and John and others, adjust their lives and follow Jesus? Why such an important decision taken without hesitation by ordinary people? John's preaching probably influenced them to some extent, as did one or two earlier encounters with Jesus, but obviously Jesus Himself, at that moment, gave them reason to stop what they were doing and to follow Him. By His expression, by His words, by His attitude, He infused them with a clarified perception of reality and, most importantly, an appreciation of their own worth.

Similarly, Jesus says to you and to me, every time we hear His words, every time we touch Him in The Sacraments, "You are more than what you eat and what you are more than your sickness and are more than your loves and your are more than your gains or your are more than your evil and your are more than your anxieties, fears and are more than your job, your school and your are more than these or even the sum of these...much more!

The Apostles found, as we must, that life has more meaning than cleaning a house or a fish, ...more than pulling in a pay cheque or a net, ...more than mending a roof or a sail. Only in a relationship with Jesus can we come to understand how much more we are and can become. What happened to those practical fishermen? Jesus came by and through His eyes they saw their own lives as being given, directed and sustained by God. A God who would bind their wounds, forgive their sins and give joy and purpose to their lives.

They would continue to catch and sell fish but now they would be Christian fishermen, proud Jews of a new era, and each day, while in His company, as well as when back in their boats, they would renew that decision. Perhaps several times a day! Sometimes easily and at other times with considerable difficulty.

And so you see, Jesus walks by our nets several times a day. He stops...He looks...He beckons...He waits...and He goes on with or without us and every time, often within seconds, we must decide.

Do you know who you are? You are the reason God created, you are the reason Jesus was born, and you are God's obsession.

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